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Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, Condemns Russian’ Mass Murder’ And Calls For An Investigation

Ukraine: First Lady Olena Zelenska condemns Russian 'mass murder'

First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, has released an emotional speech on the Russian invasion, denouncing the “mass slaughter” of people by the Russian military in the nation.
She concentrated on the fatalities among youngsters, stating the names of three children who had perished due to the bombardments.

She said that Ukraine desired peace but would protect its boundaries and national character. The Russian military has claimed responsibility for the disappearance of Mrs. Zelenska, 44. Her husband, President Volodymyr Zelensky, has said that his family targets Russian forces. Mrs. Zelenska noted in an open letter released on the Ukrainian president’s website late on Tuesday in English, in honor of International Women’s Day, that she had received several requests for interviews and that her message acted as a response to those inquiries.
According to her, the invasion was “hard to comprehend.” We lived in a peaceful nation; our cities, towns, and villages were bustling with activity.”

The “mass slaughter of Ukrainian people” is, she said, notwithstanding Russian attempts to characterize the operation as a “special operation” or “special mission.” “Perhaps the most horrifying and tragic aspect of this invasion is the number of children who have died.”

A little girl of eight years old perished on the streets of Okhtyrka as her grandpa attempted to keep her safe “Fourteen-year-old Arseniy was struck in the head by debris and was unable to be rescued since an ambulance could not reach him in time due to the severe flames,” says Polina, who was killed with her parents during the shelling. The names of these killed youngsters are the first names I speak up when Russia claims that it is “not conducting a war against civilian populations.”

Mrs. Zelenska said that several dozen infants had been born in recent weeks who have never experienced a peaceful environment. She did, however, claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin had misjudged Ukraine, its people, and its sense of patriotism and national pride.

She went on to say that although Kremlin propagandists boasted that Ukrainians would greet them with flowers as saviors, they were met with Molotov cocktails instead. Aside from that, she expressed gratitude to people all around the globe for their support, and she pleaded with the West to “shut the skies, and we will handle the fight on the ground alone.”

The first lady concluded by pleading with the media to “continue to reveal the truth.”
If we do not prevent Putin from launching a nuclear attack, there will be no haven anywhere in the globe for any of us.” We are going to win. Because of our collective strength. “Unity in the pursuit of Ukraine’s love.”

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