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Typhoon Warning Issued Ahead of Hong Kong Handover Anniversary

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In anticipation of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to the mainland, the weather forecaster in Hong Kong issued a typhoon warning late on Wednesday night and urged the general public to stay away from the shore. The warning came as rain and unstable weather moved over southern China. According to Xinhua, the state news agency of China, Chinese President Xi Jinping will go to Hong Kong on Friday to commemorate the anniversary of the transfer of the former British colony to China in 1997.

The tropical depression located over the central part of the South China Sea was estimated to be about 740 kilometres south-southeast of Hong Kong at 10 p.m. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the tropical depression is expected to move north-northwest at about 10 kilometres per hour in the general direction of the coast of the neighbouring western Guangdong province.
It was stated on their website that their most basic alert level, known as Standby Signal No. 1, was currently on and would continue to be until noon on Thursday.

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According to the current forecast track, the observatory stated that the tropical depression would continue to maintain a distance of more than 500 kilometres from Hong Kong on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. It is not anticipated that the regional winds will pick up considerably.

According to the observatory, the tropical depression will begin to bring its outer rainbands into western Guangdong on Thursday as it continues to move closer and closer to the shore of that area. “There will be waves in the water. The general population is encouraged to avoid the coastline and refrain from participating in water-based activities, “it stated.
This month, the most populous province in China, Guangdong, which has over 126 million inhabitants, was swamped with rain that triggered floods as summer thunderstorms pummeled China’s southern region.

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It was anticipated that gales in the South China Sea, off the east coast of Guangdong, and near the Paracel Islands would reach moderate magnitudes of 6-7; nevertheless, the wind in certain sections of the sea might be more robust than expected, according to the forecasters who spoke earlier.

The observatory issued the following warning: “Fishing vessels and low power vessels currently on the sea should seek cover as quickly as possible and be secured adequately with moorings.”

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