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Travelers Would Be Pleased To Know That Singapore Allows Them To Travel Without Having To Pass Through Quarantine From Any Indian City

Good news for travellers, Singapore permits quarantine-free travelling from all Indian cities

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Starting on March 16, vaccinated air passengers from all Indian cities and those traveling from Penang in Malaysia and Bali in Indonesia will be allowed to enter Singapore without going through any necessary quarantine, according to a senior government official on Friday.
“Singapore intends to go on with the safe reopening of its borders and restore its place as a global commercial and aviation center,” said Transport Minister S Iswaran.
Earlier this year, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) announced that the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) for the Indian subcontinent would be expanded beyond Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai to encompass all cities in the country.
Similarly, air passengers who have been vaccinated would be allowed to enter Singapore from a more significant number of places in Malaysia and Indonesia without going through quarantine. The VTL will be extended to cities in these nations starting on March 16 of this calendar year.

The VTL for Malaysia will be expanded beyond Kuala Lumpur to include Penang, with four daily flights each way starting in the fall of 2018. The VTL for Indonesia will be broadened beyond Jakarta to include Bali, with two daily flights beginning in the fall of 2018.
According to Minister Iswaran, in a Facebook post, “We are pleased to announce that we will take more efforts to extend our VTLs, as part of our intentions to continue with the safe reconstitution of our borders and restore Singapore’s role as a worldwide commercial and aviation center.”
“Airlines who want to fly from these places under the VTL may submit their plans for designated flights to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) for authorization,” the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) was cited as saying by Channel News Asia.

Beginning on or after March 16, travelers from Vietnam and Greece will also be permitted to enter Singapore under the VTL program. The Republic of Singapore has established VTLs with 30 nations and areas since September 8, last year. According to CAAS, as of Thursday, 348,518 vaccinated travel cards had been given to visitors from these countries and regions who would be entering Singapore between September 8, 2021, and March 16, 2022.

An estimated 456,215 VTL travelers have entered Singapore since its opening. The CAAS said that the expansion of the VTLs would assist in the facilitation of travel as well as the “densification” of Singapore’s aviation hub’s linkage with “important markets.”

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