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‘This Is Us’: Justin Hartley on Kevin Finding His Purpose and If He Has a Shot at True Love

'This Is Us': Justin Hartley on Kevin Finding His Purpose and If He Has a Shot at True Love

This Is Us started its farewell tour on Tuesday, kicking up its last trilogy of episodes centered on the Big Three, which will air in the fall. Kevin is the focus of the first of three segments, “The Guitar Man,” which was helmed by series actor Milo Ventimiglia and followed Kevin as he takes his twins to the cabin in an attempt to establish himself as a parent. With the assistance of Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) and Nicky (Griffin Dunne), Jack is able to actively work through the building process and record the progress of turning his family’s ideal house into a reality. However, he soon finds himself in the midst of an unanticipated crisis. Cassidy’s, not his own, is the subject of this essay.

As he discovered in Cassidy’s hospital room after her near-fatal accident, the combat veteran often went for nighttime drives when her mind couldn’t relax. And, having had a pleasant family-like environment earlier in the evening, she decided to go to go for one of her regular drives to clear her head. This time, though, was different. She had reached a point of weariness where she felt she couldn’t go on any longer and, in a sad turn of events, was prepared to die. She had been emotionally, intellectually, and physically exhausted. While Kevin’s response would have been considerably different if he had been in Cassidy’s position in season 1 (or possibly if he had been in Cassidy’s shoes), he was there to provide support and help her get back on her feet, and he was joined by Nicky in this effort.

“I believe we’ve earned it,” Justin Hartley said over the phone to Dailion when questioned about Kevin’s development over the course of six seasons. “The interesting part about the program and Kevin’s character is that we got to see him go through addiction to the point where it was crushing him and burying him. In addition, the authors did a fantastic job of avoiding turning the series into a single episode about a person who overcomes addiction. The fact that they did so has become part of his fabric. That is something he will always have with him since it will never leave him. Moreover, it has helped him get stronger. I believe that the things he was concerned about before were things that he believed other people felt he should be concerned about and that he is now concerned about things that really important to him. That is a significant distinction. It only took him a little longer to reach that point.”

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“I think Kevin has finally reached a point where he wants to help,” says the actor, speaking of the emotionally charged hospital scene between Kevin and his co-stars Cassidy and Nicky.

“In his heart of hearts, he’s a decent man who just doesn’t know what to do. From the outset, I believe, Kevin has struggled with the notion that he has a responsibility to say something, act, or do anything, or even to just be of assistance. And the amazing thing about it, and this is something I’ve always believed about him as an actor, is that he hears the word ‘Action.’ In addition, you have a strong desire to take action since someone dubbed it “Action.” Hartley had a breakdown.

“In the speech that he gave in the hospital in [the] episode, and in what Nicky teaches him as well, he learns that sometimes you just have to be sitting there and the other person needs to know that you’re just sitting there and you’re with them.” “There’s some solace in knowing that. When someone is going through a difficult time, all you have to do is sit next to them and stare at them. If someone is in pain, there is nothing you can do to assist them since their arm, rib, or whatever is broken, and you have to just sit there and wait for it to mend on its own. Some people need nothing more than your presence throughout their suffering, and you should consider yourself to be doing nothing more than sitting with them. So it’s this constant impulse to say something and do something to correct things that are gotten in the way of his progress. I believe he is now recognizing that this is not always the best course of action to take.”

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“In this episode, and throughout the whole program, he is unquestionably the guy who makes the decisions, correct? He ascends to the position of president of his little country, and he is the one who makes all of the decisions. As well as the possibility of negative repercussions if he makes the incorrect option “Hartley shared his thoughts. “He may experience a reduction in anxiety levels after realizing that the worst thing that might happen if your heart is in the right place is not all that horrible after realizing. As a result, I believe he is at ease. In addition, the fact that he is available to assist others. That’s really rather great. That is his responsibility, and it is something he excels at. What he’s really good at now is being there for people and taking care of them, and he’s discovered what that is. This is clearly impossible for him to do without first taking care of himself. It’s really a vast amount of development and maturing that takes place throughout [the] episode — from the very beginning to the very end.”

The quest for a way to replace the emptiness left by his father is now being fulfilled as Kevin comes to understand his role in the world. Sure, he hasn’t yet discovered his “true love,” as he had hoped, but, as Hartley points out, he has discovered things and people that are gradually filling the void left by his former love.

“The pursuit of that desire is analogous to the pursuit of stocks or the pursuit of blackjack when you have 18 to remain. He also has children, and as a result, his new attention has shifted to them. He’s got the charity, and a lot of other things have filled that empty hole that was something that he just couldn’t fill before, so he went on this businessman’s mission, searching for the thing that was up to someone else, and he came up with something that was up to himself “Hartley shared his thoughts. “He’s come to the realization that he is now in command of his own destiny. There are three things that he has going for him: children, charity, his family, and life experiences. I believe that is sufficient satisfaction for him. If you discover this for yourself, it frequently leads to the possibility of meeting someone who you were not expecting to come across. I believe that’s where he’s hiding.”

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Hartley is hoping that the door is still open for Kevin to make his way to his destination. “I certainly hope so. He isn’t really dead, after all “He made a joke. “He’s still got a few good years left in him,” says the doctor.

In addition, the actor will be behind the camera for episode 10 of the season, which will premiere on March 29 and will be centered on Randall and serve to conclude the series’ last Big Three trilogy. The hour follows Randall and Rebecca as they go on a road journey to reflect on their lives in the last decade.

“I would say that entire episode, a circle that one because that’ll take you on a ride for sure,” Hartley teased, promising it’s “a good one.” “That was a tale that was told by our wonderful authors, and you were watching these sequences as I was filming them, trying to keep it all together yourself. That’s a significant one.”

With Sterling K. Brown and his co-stars, “it’s always a pleasure to direct them because they’re such beautiful performers who give such terrific performances, and the material is so excellent,” he remarked of the experience of directing them. In addition to the fact that I like working with everyone, “being able to tune into a certain role is really unique as well,” says the actress.


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