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There’s Something In Common Between Jeff Bezos’s Superyacht, Historic Architecture, And Rotten Eggs

What Jeff Bezos's Super Yacht, Historic Architecture, and Rotten Eggs Have in Common

Image Source: LAD Bible

The new superyacht owned by Jeff Bezos has returned to the news, this time for a possibly stinky cause that has more to do with rotting eggs than it does with nautical architecture. Jeff Bezos is not your average guy, and he interprets the adage “the only way out is always through” in a metaphorical sense. While some drove to a local lake or boarded an airplane to one of the country’s coasts for their first vacation trip, Bezos strapped himself into his rocket ship and set out for the far reaches of space. And so it should come as no surprise that the millionaire behind Amazon is planning something else similarly absurd: he wants the city of Rotterdam to temporarily demolish a historic bridge so that he may sail through in his $500 million, three-mast yacht measuring 417 feet in length. It is unknown whether or not the government would cooperate, but if it does, the residents want to greet him with eggs when he arrives in their city. That’s right: Rotterdam locals will publicly humiliate the world’s second-wealthiest person in front of the whole town.

The bridge in issue is the Koningshaven Bridge, also known as “De Hef” in the local community, and it has been in place since 1927, measuring 130 feet in length. Bezos wants to dismantle it to transport his new yacht, which has tall masts, back to his house. According to the billionaire entrepreneur, upon completion at the Oceanco shipyard in the Netherlands, Jeff Bezos’ new boat will be the world’s biggest sailing yacht. In June of 2022, it should be ready for him to pick up and sail away, but he is preparing to get it out into the sea sooner rather than later because it is not a traditional boat that can transit the European river systems. However, despite Bezos having no problem inconveniencing residents or destroying history, he is in a pickle since the only route to transport his boat from De Hef to the open ocean is via the shipyard.

Bezos will almost certainly prevail in this battle, which is good news for anybody with a sense of humor who doesn’t mind witnessing the billionaire take an egg to the face. Furthermore, Marcel Walravens, the project manager for the challenging building project, indicated that the project would carry ahead for logistical and economic reasons despite its complexity. The economic justifications he’s referring to are unclear, but given that Jeff Bezos is paying the cost, they’re likely to be highly persuasive.
However, none of this has been proven yet, which makes selecting whether or not to dismantle the bridge a little tricky—especially given the possibility that doing so may cause irreparable harm to the infrastructure.

Locals have vowed to turn up to the bridge with cartons of rotten eggs, regardless of whether or not the bridge sustains long-term damage. The only problem is that, according to Curbed, the egg would have to fly more than 200 feet to make contact with the yacht’s hull, which isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy. It is hoped that previous and present athletes with exceptional throwing ability would be equipped with eggs for the competition.

It is no longer in operation since it was decommissioned in 1994 after being replaced by a tunnel and ultimately replaced by another tunnel. That does not rule out the possibility that it is an architectural gem deserving of preservation for the foreseeable future. The images of Jeff Bezos’s new boat, which was coated in the foul stink of rotten eggs and taken by people in Rotterdam, maybe the only silver lining to the temporary dismantling of the building. Unfortunately, for the time being, the tiny European city will not know the fate of their beloved bridge for many months, and in the meanwhile, they will be making additional trips to the grocery store to stock up on eggs.

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