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“The United States Is Prepared To Defend Every Inch Of NATO Territory,” Vice President Harris Declares

Vice President Harris says US is 'prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory': Live Ukraine updates

Vice President Kamala Harris said Thursday in Poland that the United States’ commitment to NATO and the protection of its members is “ironclad” and that the United States is “truly thankful” for Poland’s efforts to assist refugees escaping the devastation in Ukraine.

At a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, he made the remarks. “This is a time that calls for serious and rapid repercussions for Russian aggression against Ukraine,” Harris said. “What is at risk right now are some of the underlying principles that govern the NATO alliance,” says the official.

The meeting took place after the Biden administration rejected a Polish proposal to send fighter planes to the Ukrainian military. In addition, despite repeated appeals from Ukrainian leaders, U.S. defense officials have distanced themselves from military requests that the White House believes would increase the risk of escalation in the conflict, including a NATO-backed no-fly zone over Ukraine and any plans to send fighter jets to the country from elsewhere.

About Article 5, the concept of mutual defense that serves as the foundation of the transatlantic military alliance, Harris said, “The United States’ commitment to Article 5 is unbreakable.” “The United States is prepared to defend every square inch of NATO territory,” says Secretary of State John Kerry.

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