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The simple reason you could be BANNED from travelling to the US

A minor regulatory change might make your next trip to the United States impossible. Those from the United Kingdom who wish to visit the United States must apply for and pay for a visa waiver through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

If you have visited Cuba within the previous year, however, this may be denied, and you may be denied entry to the United States.

This is because, In January of 2021, the Trump administration added Cuba to the United States list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. The Biden administration has failed to remove Cuba from the list, including Syria and North Korea. As it is on this list, travelers with a Cuban passport stamp could see their ESTA refused.

US Customs and Border Protection stated online, “If a tourist visits a State Sponsor of Terrorism, the visitor is no longer eligible for the Visa Waiver Program and must apply for a visa to enter the US.”

Instead of applying for an ESTA, tourists could be required to pay the more expensive and time-consuming standard visa fee of $160 (£141).

The rejection of an ESTA application might make it more challenging to obtain one in the future. The I reports that several visitors to Cuba have been turned away at airports because of their Cuban vacation.

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