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The MPavilion March Program Is Centered On The Theme “Design As A Human Right”

The MPavilion March Program Is Centered On The Theme "Design As A Human Right"

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The topic of MPavilion’s curated calendar of events for March 2022 is ‘Design as a Human Right.’ The events will take place throughout the globe.
The March program subject at MPavilion investigates and celebrates the multifaceted function of design in various contexts, including political, social, and environmental elements. This month, which is the most significant season 2021-22, MPavilion will stage 40 free events, including a series of activities related to Melbourne Design Week in 2022.

The Highlights Of The March Program At MPavilion

Melbourne Design Week Will Take Place In 2022

From Thursday, March 17 to Sunday, March 27, MPavilion will host a variety of events as part of Melbourne Design Week’s 2022 program, including the fifth annual BLAKitecture forum with Sarah Lynn Rees, which will take place over three days from Monday, March 21 to Wednesday, March 23. We will bring Indigenous perspectives to the forefront of architectural discussions during this year’s conference to develop a manifesto defining our actions to Indigenize the built environment.

The Salon Is A Series Of Salons

Three seminars will be held as part of the Salon series from Tuesday, March 15, to Thursday, March 17. They will cover intimacy and emotion, the politics of beauty, and the salon’s architecture. The impressive lineup of speakers for each evening includes Melbourne-based writer and critic Brodie Lancaster, founder of Elvie’s Studio Ella B Rowe, makeup artist Kaydee Kyle-Taylor, writer and podcaster Maxine Tuyau, writer and historian Yves Rees, multidisciplinary creative Simona Castricum, and tattoo artist Daniele Lugli, to name a few names.

Designing The Interior Of A Nightclub

On Sunday, March 20, a panel discussion moderated by Andee Frost, Designing the Night Club, will examine the origins of club trends and how they find their way from a creative outlet to mass consumption. Dr. Timothy Moore, Simona Castricum, and Georgina O’Connor will be among the speakers, while Trendy Wendy and Garden Variety Deejay will provide DJ sets.

Kick, Push, and Float Your Way to a Better Future

Kick, Push, Coast to a Better Future will take place on Saturday, March 26th, and will explore the social impact of skateboarding through a diverse range of skate panelists, each of whom is doing their part to make the world a better place, one kick-push at a time.

Making a House a Home

Making Home, which runs from Sunday, March 27th, to Friday, April 1st, and is the last exhibition of Melbourne Design Week, raises awareness of the vital problem of women in Australia, who are the fastest-growing cohort of individuals facing homelessness or poverty. This installation will involve discussions and workshops with Tania Davidge, Samantha Donnelly, Fiona York, Dr. Katrina Raynor, Sophie Dyring, and several other artists.

Future Homes: Creating Melbourne’s Next Generation of Apartments

Architect teams from across Australia will present their design processes and plans on Monday, March 7, as part of Future Homes: Designing Melbourne’s Next Apartments, a government initiative to facilitate better density development in Melbourne’s suburbs. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion exploring the role of the government in making better housing available to more people.

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