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The Branding For Finland’s New Museum Of Architecture And Design Makes Reference To The Fact That It Is Currently Under Development

An identity for Finland’s new Museum of Architecture and Design nods to being under construction

Image Source: ANT

Creative agency Hasan & Partners has recently worked on a unique project for Helsinki. As Finland develops plans for a new Museum of Architecture and Design – a joint project between The City of Helsinki, The Ministry of Education and Culture, The Design Museum, and The Museum of Finnish Architecture – Hasan & Partners has created a new visual identity for the museum, which will only last for the duration of its development. Working in collaboration with illustrator Anja Reponen, Hasan & Partners opted to lean into the identity’s temporary nature; the resulting design reflects the many “building blocks” that will make up the museum’s future, says the agency in a release.

One of these significant elements or “building blocks” is the museum’s future location: Helsinki’s historic seafront in the South Harbour’s Makasiininranta district. The color palette for the identity draws from the feel of the seafront. Utilizing a harbor beige, sky blue, and grey, it combines both the shades of the sea and the cityscape of the Market Square.

To introduce the idea of visitors, who also play a part in making up the museum, Anja Reponen has created a selection of sketch-like illustrations. Featuring seagulls, a map of the harbor, and depictions of future visitors, the work reflects the new museum’s aim to be an open place for all ages while continuing the seafront theme. “I hope that the illustrations will evoke positive emotions and impressions of the new museum and help define the spirit and profile of the future museum,” says Reponen in the release.

The team opted for the typeface Zyablik, a modular display font with a strong personality that nods to the harbor and the museum’s construction. Elsewhere, the idea for the website came from casually browsing books and magazines, “which is typical in the world of both architecture and design,” Hasan & Partners adds in the release.

“Often design work looks for stability, and the choices will stand the test of time,” the agency explains in its case study. “This time, however, we were asked to create an identity that, in its core, is temporary and one that will last for the duration of the project development.” Diana Sanchez, the lead designer from Hasan & Partners, continues: “As the visual identity of the project phase is temporary, we suggested the design communicate that too – the elements you see are what can be seen as building blocks for the future.”

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