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Sixty Percent Of Teenagers Desire To Start Their Own Enterprises Rather Than Working In A Traditional Job

60% of teens want to launch their own businesses instead of working regular jobs

Teens nowadays have a different perspective on their future profession, and many have decided that they do not want to work for anybody other than themselves.
According to a poll conducted by Junior Achievement USA on March 1, around 60% of youngsters are more interested in eventually establishing their own company than pursuing a standard job. Wakefield Research conducted an online study of 1,000 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 from December 16 to December 22.

Almost 2 in 5 youth who responded to the poll indicated they get their entrepreneurial motivation mostly from social media influencers and celebrities. According to the poll results, 45 percent of kids want to learn the ropes from existing company owners, and 37 percent would be interested in programs at or after school that educate them about entrepreneurship and management. According to Ed Grocholski, chief marketing officer of Junior Achievement USA, “I believe that is promising – it is not simply a whim or a flight of fancy.” “They are interested in going deeper and learning how to do things the proper way,” says the professor.
High school kids are being taught business concepts.

JA Company Program Pop-up, for example, is one of the programs offered by Junior Achievement to foster adolescent entrepreneurship by teaching them about owning and operating a small company.

The Company Program Pop-up is targeted towards middle and high school students. It encourages them to begin thinking about and developing their company initiatives as early as possible. Several years have passed since Juan Cruz, a teacher at Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, introduced the software. As a result, he has seen firsthand how it engages pupils and demonstrates a feasible professional path to them, regardless of whether or not they attend college.

“This class demonstrates to them that there are alternative options where they may achieve the same level of accomplishment,” Cruz added. The entrepreneurism course that Mr. Cruz taught Milleana Santiago was the first time she heard of “entrepreneurship.”

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