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Russia steps up attacks on Ukraine’s biggest cities

Russia steps up attacks on Ukraine’s biggest cities
  • Russia escalates its shelling of Ukrainian cities and encourages Kyiv inhabitants to escape to avoid civilian casualties. mounting, with five people murdered in an assault on a Kyiv TV tower and seven people slain in a Kharkiv incident
  • President Joe Biden has ordered the closure of American airspace to Russian planes, claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin would pay a “high price in the long term.”
  • According to a senior US defense official, a miles-long Russian military convoy appeared to have come to a halt near Kyiv.
  • “Prove you are with us,” says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an appeal to the European Union to ratify Kyiv’s membership.

Here are all the latest updates:

UN General Assembly set to criticize Russia over Ukraine invasion

The United Nations General Assembly is expected to rebuke Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and demand that Moscow cease fighting and remove its armed troops, a move that would seek to isolate Russia diplomatically inside the international body. Russia has denied any involvement in the invasion.

Even though General Assembly decisions are not legally obligatory, they have political significance.

Among other things, the draft resolution “demands that the Russian Federation remove all of its armed troops from the land of Ukraine within its internationally recognized boundaries immediately, totally, and unconditionally.”

Russian airborne troops land in Kharkiv says Ukraine army

The Ukrainian army stated that Russian airborne forces had landed in the eastern city of Kharkiv, adding that there had been immediate fighting.

“Russian airborne forces have landed in Kharkiv… and have launched an assault on a local hospital,” the army stated in a statement posted on the messaging app Telegram. “There is a never-ending battle between the invaders and the Ukrainians,” says the official.

UN says 13 children killed in the Russian invasion

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, at least 136 people have been murdered, including 13 children, since Russia invaded Ukraine last week.

According to Liz Throssel, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 400 others were injured.

In her statement, she said that “the true toll is likely to be significantly higher” and that 253 of the dead were from the eastern Ukrainian districts of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Biden says the US stands with the Ukrainian people.

President Barack Obama earned a standing ovation for his State of the Union speech. He sharply chastised Russian President Vladimir Putin and expressed solidarity with the embattled Ukrainian people, who were there.

In his address, President Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden said that “let everyone of us stand and send a clear signal to Ukraine and the rest of the world.”

There were cheers and yells from the lawmakers, with many waving Ukrainian flags in the air.

In Biden’s words, ‘While he [Putin] may gain tactical successes on the battlefield, he will continue to pay a significant price in the long run.’

The president further claimed that the United States is aiming to seize the yachts and mansions of Russian billionaires, warning them that “we are coming for your ill-gotten money.”

Boeing suspends parts, support for Russian airlines

Aerospace giant Boeing Co. has announced that it is halting parts, maintenance, technical assistance for Russian aircraft, and critical activities in the Russian capital.

While the battle continues, a United States aircraft maker spokeswoman said that their teams are focused on making sure their colleagues in the area are secure.

World’s most prominent shipping lines halt Russian deliveries

The shipping companies Maersk, located in Denmark, MSC, based in Switzerland, and CMA CGM, based in France, have said that they would no longer accept orders for commodities from Russia and cease the majority of deliveries.

Because of the effect of the sanctions, “bookings to and from Russia will be temporarily prohibited, except groceries, medical supplies, and humanitarian commodities,” according to a statement from Maersk Line.

A similar announcement was made by MSC, which said that it will “continue to accept and check reservations for the transport of vital items.”

All reservations have been suspended, according to CMA CGM, “in the interest of safety.”

Visa Mastercard block Russian financial institutions

Multiple Russian financial institutions have been blocked from participating in the Visa and Mastercard networks in the United States due to sanctions implemented by the United Nations in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in April 2014.

Some 80,000 Ukrainians return home to fight Russia, ministry says

Approximately 80,000 Ukrainians have returned home from abroad to take part in the struggle against Russia, according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to a Telegram message from the ministry, most returnees are males who have enlisted in the military and other territorial defense forces.

US to ban Russian flights from American airspace, officials say

According to government and industry experts, the United States government is preparing to declare a ban on Russian planes from American airspace after the European Union and Canada took similar measures.

According to the individuals who spoke to the Reuters news agency, the exact time of the attack is unknown, but it is likely within the next 24 hours.

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