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Nintendo Insider Has Released Details On Mario Kart X, According To The Publication

Mario Kart X Leaked by Nintendo Insider

Image Source: Game News 24

According to a well-known Nintendo source, Mario Kart X will be the company’s next Mario Kart game, which seems to validate rumors that Mario Kart: Home Circuit is being considered for inclusion in the Mario Kart series as Mario Kart 9. In addition, a recent news story regarding the upcoming Mario Kart game suggests that it would be a soft reboot with a strong emphasis on crossovers. And it is at this point that the title “Mario Kart X” is introduced. Furthermore, the letter “X” represents both the roman number for ten and the concept of crossover. And, according to reports, the upcoming Mario Kart game will place a strong emphasis on crossovers.

It comes from Zippo, who points out that although the game will act as a soft relaunch for the series, it does not necessarily imply that it would have just courses from the original game. For one thing, Zippo warns that fans shouldn’t anticipate the same old courses, with the crossover component intended to be implemented not just via characters and things, but also through courses themselves.

“Several individuals with knowledge of the matter have told me that this new Mario Kart is being positioned as a soft relaunch of the franchise. That is to say, the essential components of Mario Kart will not be changed, and the core Mario Kart cast will not be changed either “Zippo chimed in. “Old courses will not be included in the basic game, so don’t hold your breath. Characters, courses, and goods will all cross over into the game, which will be a major focus of the crossover component.”

According to Zippo, the development of Mario Kart X has been ongoing for four years. The game’s release may be delayed, though, since Nintendo is planning to hold off on releasing it until the Nintendo Switch 2 is available for purchase. For the time being, there have been speculations about a new Nintendo system, but that is all there has been. According to the most recent speculations, the console will not be released until 2024.

Because of the continuous mystery surrounding Switch 2, it is likely that you will have to wait a long time before you get to see any gameplay footage from the title “Zippo chimed in.
Take everything you read with a grain of salt, as you should always do. Although Zippo is one of the most trusted Nintendo insiders, the fact that everything on this page is unofficial does not alter the fact that everything here is unofficial. Furthermore, even if all of this information is correct, it is possible that it will not remain thus, since everything in-game production is susceptible to change.

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