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Lia Kes Launches Collaboration With Artist Zaria Forman

Lia Kes Launches Collaboration With Artist Zaria Forman

Clothing does not have to be an obstacle to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Indeed, even the most fervent of campaigners must put on their clothes first thing in the morning. Fortunately, designers such as Lia Kes are available to outfit them.

A capsule collection, which will be available for purchase on Thursday, was recently launched in collaboration with artist and environmentalist Zaria Forman.

The eight paintings, which include pastel representations of melting polar ice caps by Forman, document the effect of global warming on one of the world’s most endangered biomes, the arctic.

“The whole undertaking is an exciting and powerful experience, in which the true worth is derived from the energy that drives the process rather than the product,” Kes said.

Kes grew up in Kibbutz Afikim in Israel’s Jordan Valley, where he attended Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv before continuing his education there. As a result of her surroundings, which included lush green scenery and a communal commitment to conserving it, she developed an interest in climate change activism. The designer expands on the artisanal methods she learned at the Afikim workshop, adapting them to a collection of seasonless clothes, which are mostly made of silk and are available in limited quantities.

Forman has been a Kes muse for years, and the designer gave her complete creative control over the designer’s most famous shapes. Natural beauty and horrifying realism are juxtaposed in a spectrum of ultramarine colors in her hyperrealist art. Their sleek, sinuous lines heighten the visual impact of her hyperrealist work.

This is especially prominent on a floor-length slip made from patches of recycled silk charmeuse that was stitched together by hand. The garment’s surface is fractured by raw edges, which lends it a gritty appearance. In case you need to put in a little more effort to save the environment, there’s a cotton twill jumpsuit with pockets large enough to hold gardening tools, as well as a cropped organza hoodie, an oversized T-shirt, and a pair of drawstring joggers in the same color scheme.

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photos from Capsule Collection


Kes and Forman’s partnership came easily to them since they both have a shared perspective of how artistic efforts can be used to effect positive social change. According to Forman, who served as the artist-in-residence onboard the National Geographic Explorer while in Antarctica, “art is crucial in explaining the complicated problems involved in the climate catastrophe.” “We need individuals and parties from all walks of life to come together and work together.”

Additionally, items from the capsule will be accessible through the Kes e-commerce portal and Upper West Side shop, which will launch on March 5 in SoHo. The designer thinks that by establishing her brand’s presence in New York, she would be able to better interact with her downtown audience. According to her, “I am especially happy about this new retail space since it will also serve as a venue for small gatherings and unique initiatives,” she added.

The Kes and Lia Forman capsule range in price from $295 to $925, depending on the designer.

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