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Lana Condor Talks Her Engagement and ‘To All the Boys’ Spin-Off

Lana Condor Talks Her Engagement and 'To All the Boys' Spin-Off

Lana Condor is absolutely smitten with her fiancé! Kathy Smith of Dailion talked with the 24-year-old actress on Wednesday, about two months after she announced her engagement to Anthony De La Torre, her longtime boyfriend.

Condor added of De La Torre, 28, with whom she’s recently begun wedding preparations, “He did ask my father for my hand in marriage, which was extremely important to me.” “I didn’t tell him to do it, so the fact that he did was really incredible.”

Condor informed Dailion that the thing she admires most about her future spouse is that he “has it all.”

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“He’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. I often find him to be funnier than what’s on TV, so I’ll simply sit and watch him “she stated “I enjoy seeing him exist. I enjoy watching him go about his business. He’s incredible… He has a special place in my heart. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Condor’s professional career culminated last year with the completion of Netflix’s To All the Boys franchise. While she hasn’t been asked about appearing in the rumored spin-off based on her character’s younger sister, Kitty, the actress is excited for a new face to lead the brand.

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Condor exclaimed, “I haven’t had any chats about it, but I’m extremely excited for Anna Cathcart, who plays Kitty.” “I’m quite excited for her since it’s now her chance to fall in love and have new experiences. I believe she is fully prepared and capable of doing so.”

Condor believes that fans of the To All the Boys trilogy will like her new film, Moonshot, whether or not she returns to the franchise. She and Cole Sprouse feature in the future-set film, which follows two college students who sneak on a space shuttle to Mars in order to be reunited with their significant others.

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“I’m hoping they enjoy it. My audience, I believe, is very, very loving. My fans adore love, and they seem to like watching me fall in love for some reason “she stated “In terms of my job, I truly want the audiences to walk away from the productions I’m a part of feeling hopeful, encouraged, and believing in love. I’m hoping they enjoy it.”


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