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Increase Your Protein Intake As A Vegetarian By Using These Clever Substitutions

Vegetarians, increase your protein intake with these smart swaps

A well-balanced diet is essential for meeting the body’s nutritional needs. However, it is often considered that vegetarians have a more difficult time getting enough protein since there are fewer alternatives available. However, this is not the case. For guidance in making the best selections, dietitian Nancy Dehra recently shared three readily accessible protein sources that might be beneficial when included in a person’s regular diet on her Instagram account.

“If you’re having trouble increasing your protein consumption, especially if you’re a vegetarian, these clever changes will assist you,” she said in the caption of her Instagram image.

Protein aids in the development of lean muscle mass and aids in the reduction of body fat while retaining muscle tissue. It helps to enhance anabolic hormone levels, metabolism, and cardiovascular risk profiles by optimizing them even more.

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