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In the words of Ndemera, winner of the Great British Entrepreneur Award, “If you empower a woman, you empower a community — that’s how strong women are”

Great British Entrepreneur award winner Ndemera: ‘If you empower a woman, you empower a village – that’s how powerful women are’

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ENGLAND: Fungai Ndemera, who grew up in poverty in Zimbabwe, has built an empire from the ground up and has had a successful commercial career spanning more than 20 years in the United Kingdom.
The photographer has made her home in Wolverhampton, where she spends most of her time working as a nurse. At that point, she started on her entrepreneurial journey, which resulted in the recent establishment of CheckupHealth, a health-technology firm.
When Edgemere became aware of the challenges chronically ill patients, especially those from ethnically diverse backgrounds, were having due to the pandemic, he set out to create CheckupHealth. Folks who were previously unable to access health care may now do so through the platform.
On International Women’s Day, which is coming up on March 8, The Business Desk talked with the Great British Entrepreneur Award winner about how important the day is to her personal and professional life.

Have You Experienced Any Difficulties Or Setbacks As A Result Of Your Gender Throughout Your Professional Career?

“I needed a temporary overdraft on one occasion because several clients had failed to make their payments promptly. Even though my bank manager was away on vacation, I needed to contact him to fix the matter since the person serving me didn’t seem to understand what was happening. The next day, I offered to meet to discuss our plans. It may have seemed a bit intimidating to the four or five men that showed up for the meeting.
It did, however, cause me to contemplate the reality that this bank does not employ any females in any capacity.
This has required me to forge my route and devise ways to control my life, but it has been a lonely and challenging journey. The reason for this is that I’ve never had a female commercial manager at my organization, and I’m not arguing that males aren’t supportive of women. “However, you simply will not find ladies seated around a table,” writes the book’s author.
What can be done to increase the number of female participants in sports?

What Can Be Done To Encourage More Female Participation In Certain Environments?

For companies to be successful, they must engage in diversity and equality. Is it a part of your business strategies? Is it a part of your company’s rules and procedures? When you preach the term diversity, do you consider that diversity exists? Is it ingrained in your systems, starting with how you recruit and ending with how you make decisions?

What does IWD mean to you?

In my opinion, women are mighty, and when you empower one woman, you are authorizing a whole community.” International Women’s Day is significant because we still have a long way to go in terms of representation, and we must continue to push these issues ahead.

Do you consider yourself a feminist, and do you feel the word has a negative meaning when used in the wrong context?
” Yes, I am, but I recognize that the phrase has a bad connotation attached with it, and I choose not to use it as a result of how it is perceived.”

Some people will immediately shut down as soon as you use that phrase because of the connotations it carries. As I explain, “I use it in the sense that all genders must be treated fairly and equally in terms of how we view them.”

What Do You Want To Communicate To Young Women Who Are Just Starting In Their Professional Lives?

The best piece of advice I could give them is to follow their dreams and not be afraid of anything they could come across. In retrospect, I have successfully achieved my goals, but I have let my fears get in the way at times. According to experts, failure can only make you stronger, and it is one of the most important lessons you can learn early on in your career. It is critical to explore and fail as often as possible when trying to succeed. After that, show some bravery. It is necessary to have the courage to tackle any event or scenario; your bravery is essential when it comes to developing confidence.”

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