I suffer from America Fatigue Syndrome, do you?

I suffer from America Fatigue Syndrome, do you?

I’m tired of the United States of America.

Maybe you’re sick of America, too. You could be an American who, like many of us outside the country, has become tired of and frustrated with the country.

If it helps, weariness is one of the classic indicators of America Fatigue Syndrome, a disease that, I believe, affects much of the sentient planet, whether consciously or unconsciously. Near-chronic agitation, bewilderment, and a sense of déjà vu are among the other symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no remedy that I am aware of.

America Fatigue Syndrome is not the result of a neurotic’s imagination. It results in true distress, weariness, and frequent déjà vu.

It’s something I’m constantly conscious of. It’s ingrained in my body and mind. It’s a hassle. The albatross is dependable. It’s a waste. Lower, lower, lower. Are you aware of the situation?

Only a few countries have the ability to do so. America is one of them. In this way, America may be considered unique.

I’ve desired more than ever for America to leave and for everything to be silent or quiet for a while. Perhaps, like you, I need a breath of fresh air and a brief respite from America’s constant presence and a curse.

It would be such a relief and delight to not have to think about or write about America, even if only briefly.

This is obviously impossible. We won’t be able to change the channel or turn off America. The terrible, annoying, and crushing noise that is America is unavoidable. America is everywhere at all times.

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America is encroaching on our territory.

Nonetheless, it appears to me that America’s grip on our minds and attention is tightening. America dominates in many ways, including money, power, and the 24-hour news cycle.

And the news has been nothing but bad. A convulsion after another. Continually repeated until a new convulsion develops. Each one reverberates like an earthquake, wreaking havoc on people and places both visible and invisible.

This has been going on for quite some time now. Especially since 9/11. Every single year. President following the election of the president. Then there was again another squabble. Death. Houses and hope were both lost. Dungeons that are hidden. Torture and other serious and minor violations Ignorance, violence, and hatred are on the rise. Twenty-six pupils were massacred at a school. Their assassinations had been staged. A fascist with 100 percent proof ascending the presidential escalator. Hatred, violence, and stupidity are all on the rise. A white police officer kneeled on a Black man’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. Use disinfectants and other fancy cures to control a plague. An insurrection to defend a lie.

It is unstoppable.

The most recent convulsion occurred this week. Five men and one woman clothed in black robes appear to have agreed to alter a Supreme Court judgment from 49 years ago that confirmed a woman’s right to her body, after previously stating that they would not.

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The precedent has now been set aside. Rights were taken away. The trend was reversing. Men dictating to women who have authority over their own fate has been supplanted by religious fundamentalism dressed up as law and a kind of dictatorship.

Justice Samuel Alito and his disgusting right-wing accomplices exposed America’s other “great lie” by overturning Roe v Wade: that it is a country controlled by the rule of law rather than partisanship.

As Alito and his company have demonstrated, the Supreme Court, like the other “pillars” of democracy, is a sober-sounding farce populated primarily by conservative zealots who despise the law and constitution and worship a preening demagogue as their patron saint.

In a country prone to it, there’s more crazy.

If America can be termed so, the country is bereft of rationale. Instead, it is trapped in a never-ending state of madness. Not all of it, mind you. Enlightened Americans have been banished within America, watching while the rest of the country goes wild.

Instead of collapsing at the “fringes,” the United States is unwinding from the center. “Things come apart; the center can no longer support,” Yeats wrote.

Cuckoos have moved from the “periphery” to the mainstream.

This, along with the persistent wrath that characterizes much of America, produces a toxic and corrosive concoction that is eroding America’s mythic foundations.

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A black hole is devouring the United States. It’s darkening and expanding. Every day, more Americans are sucked into a disfiguring vortex of hatred that inevitably leads to craziness — predominantly Republicans, but not entirely.

The lunatics and their made-in-America brand of craziness are on display on a regular basis. The names of the lunatics are familiar to you. Because craziness plays and pays well in America, charlatans get them onto TV and radio to discuss their synapse-draining ramblings in order to promote more madness.

Alito, Roberts, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Thomas, and Coney Barrett are likely to observe and listen, nodding approvingly as they go, demonstrating, once again, that brilliant fanatics are the most dangerous of all.

After his convincing loss in early November 2020, I mistakenly expected the lunatic-in-charm chiefs to fade like embers of a fading fire.

I was completely wrong.

I never got the peace I yearned for.

Today, the lunatic-in-chief waits at Mar-a-Lago dangles coveted endorsements, and plots to reclaim the title of commander-in-chief.

He is still tormenting us. The prospect of four more years of spasms is both frightening and all-too-real.

At this point in a column, a writer must provide a fix, a prescription, or a remedy. I don’t know what to say.

I’m not sure if there’s a solution, treatment, or cure for the madness that’s sweeping the United States.

It is possible that it is already too late.


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