How Emmy Rossum Transformed Into Mysterious Hollywood Icon ‘Angelyne’

How Emmy Rossum Transformed Into Mysterious Hollywood Icon 'Angelyne'

Angelyne, the enigmatic blonde Hollywood legend, is played by Emmy Rossum in Peacock’s latest limited series, which premieres on Thursday, May 19. The four-year-in-the-making series explores “fame, identity, survival, billboards, Corvettes, lingerie, men, women, women teasing men, men obsessed with women, West Hollywood, crystals, UFOs, and most importantly, the self-proclaimed Rorschach test in the pink, glow-in-the-dark queen of the universe, Angelyne,” according to the actress and executive producer.

“This is an amazing dream project,” Rossum told Lauren Zima of Dailion. “When I was about 13 years old, I first noticed Angelyne’s billboard while traveling around L.A. in a Hertz rental car with my mother to auditions. And it was this picture of this woman who, like the unicorn of Los Angeles, had captivated an entire city through her image, through her billboards, who drove around in a pink Corvette spreading joy.”

“She makes people smile and brightens their spirits wherever she goes, and there’s something incredibly profound about her strength in that she defined herself and made her own identity. But she also encourages others to define her in whichever way they see fit, and in that she is a mirror that reveals more about the person looking at her than it does about herself “she observed “She is, in the end, a truly intriguing figure. She is the first and foremost influencer. ‘I have something to offer with the world, and it’s me,’ she was the first to raise her hand and declare. I’m going to reveal myself to the rest of the world. My vitality, my spirit, and my unwavering dedication to the good.'”

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Angelyne, whose genuine biography was unearthed in a Hollywood Reporter deep-dive in 2017, and which serves as the foundation for the series, was dubbed “the ultimate fantasy” by the 35-year-old actress.

“What I like most about her is that there were rumors about who she was and where she came from, and she did nothing to refute them because she recognized they contributed to the mystique about her,” Rossum said. “She has done the unthinkable, which is to keep the mystery and magic alive for decades. As you can probably see, I adore her. I’m a little bit of a fangirl, so getting the chance to play her and bring a character based on her mythology to life is nothing short of a dream come true.”

As she stepped into her high heels, Rossum remembered meeting the real-life Angelyne at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

“By that time, I’d read every interview she’d ever given, seen her in every film she’d ever made and documentaries about her, and acquired her meditation cassettes on eBay and basically memorized them in repeated bubble bath sessions. I believe you might say I was over-prepared for the meeting, as I arrived an hour early. She arrived on time, but she was delayed because she was selling merchandise out of the trunk of her car to waiting fans, which I liked “Rossum joined in.

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“‘OK, why do you have such a hard time playing me?’ she remarked when I sat down. That’s why I reasoned because she’s not only a clever businesswoman but also entirely authentic and unorthodox. She is, nonetheless, a beacon of hope, joy, and a fairy tale. She referred to herself as a mirror, telling me that whatever I saw in her, however, inspired I was by her appearance and story, that was the show I should create.”

Angelyne is instantly recognizable, from her voluminous, wavy blonde locks to her bright pink, skin-tight costumes to her generous bosom to her unmistakable voice. Rossum underwent a lengthy transformation to become the titular heroine.

“There is a physical aspect to it, as well as a vocal aspect to it. We wanted to pay homage to her by recreating her billboard stances and simply embodying her essence “She described their method as meticulously. “With the support of our director and showrunner, we had an amazing hair and makeup team and costume designer who helped bring this to life. We completed many tests because I get to play her in both directions, so I was in the chair for three hours some mornings. I sat in my chair for seven hours some mornings before going to work. It was an excellent way for me to relax into the workday and connect with something positive and enjoyable. Seeing yourself and not seeing yourself is truly an out-of-body experience. It feels quite liberated.”

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Angelyne, according to Rossum, is “the original gangster when it comes to [being an influencer].”

“She was the first to raise her hand and declare, “I’m going to be famous for being myself, not for something I do.” She had done films before that, and she continues to compose music and paint art, but she is the art. She has dedicated her life to being a living, breathing work of performance art, and I believe that art has the ability to inspire people “She said this before addressing the Kardashians and those who have come after her. “Influencers are arguably one of the most powerful components of pop culture, which is now basically just culture, and I believe her influence can be seen in all of those women who came after her in terms of hyper-curation of an image, styling, and commitment to the way an image can make people feel and transform their state of being. Apart from the fact that there are minor parallels, right? They adore pink automobiles. This is something with a lot of pop and whimsy, and she was the first to do it.”


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