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Houston Is Home To The Most Instagrammable Neighborhood In The United States

Houston Is Home To The Most Instagrammable Neighborhood In The United States

Move on to San Francisco, New York, and Miami, to name a few cities. Houston, Texas, is the perfect place to take a bevy of interesting Instagram photos. Yes, this is true.
Walk around Montrose, the upscale hipster section of the Bayou City, for a few hours, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Just west of downtown, you may take pictures in front of works of art, natural scenery, breathtaking architecture, and a limitless variety of colorful backgrounds from short story writer O. 

Henry (remember Gift of the Magi?) in the late 1800s to President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1930s, Montrose has also been home to several iconic figures. It was also home to one of the country’s most vibrant homosexual scenes throughout the 1970s.
Montrose is globally recognized as the most Instagrammable area in Houston, thanks to its museums and galleries, award-winning restaurants, pedestrian streets and fountain-dotted parks, eccentric cafés, and antique shops. Make sure your camera is fully charged and ready to go.

1. Biscuit Paint Wall

The mural, which has been referred to as the Montrose Paint Wall after the Biscuit shop that commissioned it relocated, is the work of Houston artist Sébastien “MrD1987” Boileau, who painted it in 2014 and described it as follows: As he remembers, “It was the very beginning of Instagram.” The fact that it is simple, joyous, and allows “people to be front and center” is why tourists and locals alike like posing in front of it, as explained by Boileau. “The art serves as the backdrop.”

2. The Menil Collection

These silkscreen prints were created with Warhol’s other celebrity portraits, including Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, and among his approximately ten other Mona Lisas. While photography is not permitted in the galleries at the Menil Collection, one of Houston’s premier fine art museums, the work in the main corridor, which includes the Double Mona Lisa, is permissible. 

3. Broken Obelisk

Broken Obelisk, a sculpture by abstract expressionist Barnett Newman built in the 1960s and sat in a reflecting pool outside the Rothko Chapel, is the most well-known artist’s six works. The chapel itself, a sanctuary containing fourteen Mark Rothko paintings, is also well worth visiting. However, photography is not permitted inside the building.

4. La Colombe d’Or

The Last Tango, by French graffiti artist Blek Le Rat, is a gorgeous black and white painting depicting ballet dancers trapped in a dip that will wow. It is shown on the façade of the boutique art hotel La Colombe d’Or, covering a 46-foot-tall facade panel. This sculpture is one of 400 works of excellent art on exhibit around the hotel, many of which serve as stunning backgrounds for photographs and other visual media. Take advantage of the opportunity to shoot the fantastic skyline vista from the gorgeous rooftop pool deck while you’re there.

5. Mecom Fountain

When the Mecom Fountain, designed by architect Eugene Werlin, was donated to the city by an oil mogul and his wife in 1964, it was the enormous fountain in the town. It has remained a recognized and adored feature in the 445-acre Hermann Park. It is a well-maintained urban park packed with runners, bicyclists, art installations, pedal boats, and a lovely Japanese garden over 60 years after it was built.

6. Present Company

The most Instagrammable restaurant and bar in Montrose has many interior and outdoor backgrounds, including bright, patterned walls, neon art (including a spectacular piece shaped like the state of Texas), and Palm Beach-inspired décor, among other things. This brilliant green cocktail contains pineapple rum, kiwi syrup, lime juice, Blue Curacao, lemon CBD, eucalyptus tincture, and Topo Chico, all made with organic ingredients. Your bartender will include one other CBD shot for an additional three bucks.

7. Hotel ZaZa

These Baroque-style throne-like chairs with high zebra print backs and red velvet seats are found in the lobby of Houston’s funkiest boutique hotel, where they are placed on patterned carpeting under a massive crystal chandelier. There are many picture opportunities at the quirky Hotel ZaZa (think vast city vistas from the room windows, plush velvets, and melancholy black and white photography), but the lobby evokes the spirit of Ken Fulk and Tim Burton.

8. Uchi

Uchi is widely recognized as the most upmarket sushi restaurant in Texas, and it has outlets in Austin, Dallas, and Montrose, Houston, among other cities. It’s good news for sushi fans and art enthusiasts alike since Uchi is known as much for its delectable and inventive Japanese dishes as it is for its exquisite plating and decoration. Sleekly designed walls and tables made of natural wood give stylish backdrops to the rest of the interior.

Image Source: Timeout

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