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Heroic Signs Cowana Gaming Roster, Adds UUNO

After being demoted from the EU League the previous season, Heroic has been promoted back into the competition. As of January 1, 2019, Heroic has announced that it has acquired the ex-cowana Gaming squad for the next EUL Season. In addition, the ex-G2 player of Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen was signed when Ralph “Anarchic” Coates was promoted to the head coach position in January 2021, replacing him.

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The cowana Gaming lineup first earned a berth in the EU League by winning the 2020 Challenger League competition in the United Kingdom. Since then, they’ve finished third, seventh, and sixth in the three EUL stages, putting them in third overall.

Most recently, the squad lost the SI 2022 EU Qualifier grand-final versus MNM Gaming by a score of 2-3, narrowly missing out on the spot in the global championship tournament.

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On the other hand, Heroic just entered the R6 scene in Stage 3, and its squad was immediately demoted from the EUL a month after that. Now, the venerable Danish company has returned to the league with a more robust lineup that features three Nordic players, among others.

Notably, this features UUNO, the squad’s newest member who formerly played on G2 Esports for more than two years until being benched in June 2021 due to inactivity.

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