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Halo Infinite Dev Says Melee Bug Isn’t Being Fixed Because Devs Aren’t Available

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Although Halo Infinite is no stranger to controversy, the most recent instance involves a glitch in the game that has not been repaired since there aren’t any competent developers available for the task. Halo Infinite has a long history of being the subject of controversy. When it was first published, Halo Infinite had a lot going for it. The multiplayer mode was made available as a free-to-play game almost an entire month before the story was made public, and players regarded it as well. That was before players realised that the game’s progression was relatively slow and tied to boring or annoying challenges, that Forge and co-op would be delayed for many months, and that the game wouldn’t start getting more meaningful content until about May of 2022. Players were disappointed when they learned these details.

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There are still problems, even though things are somewhat better currently and there is a firm plan for the future. One such issue is that players’ melee assaults do not register because of desync, which leads the game to assume that players are swinging at nothing and not making contact with the adversary they imagine to be in front of them. Although it does not occur very frequently in other games, it does so very often in Halo Infinite, and it does not appear to be rectified anytime soon.

In response to a compilation of the bug posted on Reddit, Senior Sandbox Designer Brian Berryhill noted that it was helpful to the developers. However, he also stated that it is likely that this bug will remain unresolved for a while longer as the developers who would work on it have been “allocated to other Infinite work.” Despite this, it seems like 343 will make an effort to repair it at some time in the future.

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“Their work has had some knock-on benefit to our UCN solution,” stated Berryhill, “particularly around movers [players, vehicles, and so on] on object devices [elevators, pistons, bridges, and so on], but not around the melee and ‘around the wall’ shots.” “These developers will soon be returning to the Sandbox (hopefully). The Community and Competitive Insights teams have done an excellent job of letting us know how irritating situations of this nature may be through their work. Fixing this issue is very high on our list of priorities.”

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343 Industries is quite effective at engaging with its followers, especially on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Despite this, it still leaves some fans unhappy since they do not have an exact date for when such a crucial aspect of the gameplay will be repaired. Whatever the situation, Halo Infinite still has some work to do, and we here at 343 hope that we can make it a more reliable experience sooner rather than later. Whatever the case, Halo Infinite still has some work to do.


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