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Foxtrot Is A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Empowering Female Food Entrepreneurs

Foxtrot aims to empower female food entrepreneurs

CHICAGO (CBS) – Foxtrot, which describes itself as a “contemporary convenience store” operator, is introducing its second annual Up & Comers awards to raise women’s profile in the food industry. The program demonstrates Foxtrot’s commitment to growing the amount of women-led companies available on its shelves by 50% in the coming year, as previously stated.

Brand owners and executives may submit applications until April 4. There will be no distinction between male and female submissions; however, two awards will be allocated for women-owned enterprises. For at least one business quarter, the winning brands will be available for purchase in Foxtrot shops and on the company’s website, Additionally, Foxtrot has pledged to provide the winners with a total of $200,000 in finance and marketing assistance.

Established in 2014 as a digital-only delivery service that promoted local and developing food companies, Foxtrot has grown into a multimillion-dollar company. After opening more than a dozen stores in Chicago, Dallas, and Washington in the intervening period, the firm has announced intentions to grow in both current areas and new regions this year, including Boston and Austin in Texas. Each location provides same-day delivery and five-minute pick-up. In addition, Foxtrot Anywhere, a nationwide shipping platform, was launched by the corporation.

According to Carla Dunham, chief marketing officer at Foxtrot, “Our Up & Comers program epitomizes what we do every day at Foxtrot – uncovering small manufacturers who are just as enthusiastic about food as we are, and delivering their tasty and best-in-class goods to our consumers to enjoy.” “We’re dedicated to having our shelves represent the consumers we serve and to continue to support small businesses throughout the world,” says the company. Up & Comers are intended to provide a pathway to success for the numerous entrepreneurs, particularly women and BIPOC-founded businesses, who do not have access to the resources necessary to expand their operations. The future expansion of our firm excites us, and we want to harness our momentum to help these great creators achieve their goals.”

More than 900 nominations from local companies and young culinary entrepreneurs were submitted for the Up & Comers competition, first held in 2017. Consequently, Foxtrot’s shelves have been stocked with 35 new brands, including Omsom, Mumgry, Ruby, and Deux, among others. Women made up just 10% of applications, yet they accounted for more than half of prize finalists and finalists in general.

According to Foxtrot, less than a third of all small companies or franchises in the United States are owned by women. Two-thirds of female entrepreneurs believe they have substantial obstacles in obtaining financing. Foxtrot wants to empower female-founded entrepreneurs by offering them on-shelf exposure and access to funding. Foxtrot stated it carries more than 100 women-owned companies, with a total stock-keeping unit count of more than 450 units at any one time.

Marguerite Zabar Mariscal, chief executive officer of Momofuku; Elly Truesdell, founder and managing partner of New Fare; Vanessa Pham, co-founder of Omsom; Kerry Diamond, founder of Cherry Bombe; Christina Tosi, founder of Milk Bar; Samah Dada, cookbook author, and influencer; Alex Nelson, founder of Black Forager; and Summer Johnson, co-founder of Zach & Co. will be judging the awards.

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