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Diplo Reflects on “Huge Beefs” With Taylor Swift and Lorde

Diplo Reflects on "Huge Beefs" With Taylor Swift and Lorde

Who could ever forget about this ill-fated relationship?

Without a doubt, Diplo is not one of them. As recently as last week, the DJ spoke with Input about some of his most famous feuds, including his public spats with Lorde and Taylor Swift, among others.

When asked about his approach to sharing on social media, Diplo told the magazine, “I have a philosophy about sharing on social media.” “I don’t take it all that seriously at this point. Social media was a huge joke for me when I first began using it, and it continues to be so. On Twitter, I came off as a completely insane guy. And I had no idea how much force those words had until someone pointed it out to me. The fact that I would make fun of other musicians had a negative impact on my career in the long run.”

Moreover, there was no blank space left by him. “For example, I used to have major kinds of beef with Lorde and Taylor Swift,” Diplo added. “You know, I thought it was very amusing at the time, but people hold you responsible for your Twitter activity in such an odd manner. It’s not a realistic representation of life. On social media, sarcasm is not conveyed well.”

‘However, at the very least on Instagram, I simply try to be goofy because I don’t want to be taking selfies all day long and demonstrating how amazing I am,’ he said. “To be honest, I’m learning how to utilize my Instagram account daily.”

Swifties are all too familiar with this particular occurrence. According to Diplo’s tweet from November 2014, “Someone should launch a kickstarter campaign to get Taylor Swift a booty,” along with the link to a Fundly website. He got a lot of negative feedback, and Lorde didn’t waste any time responding.

When she was asked about Diplo’s tiny penis, she said, “@Diplo, should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm?”

During an interview with GQ in January 2015, Diplo described the whole situation as “very foolish.”

The comedian subsequently said, “It’s hilarious because Lorde and I are genuinely friends, and it was a great, in-joke chat.” “It was utilized by so many tabloids to create a story out of nothing when it was not. It was a tongue-in-cheek joke on all sides, to put it mildly. I believe that Taylor Swift is such an influential figure that it was only because she participated that the movie got so popular.”

After Diplo uploaded a photo of himself hanging out with Taylor at the 2015 Grammy Awards a month later, fans began to wonder whether the two musicians had put their differences behind them.

However, when Diplo brought up the subject during an interview with the British GQ Style magazine in December of that year, fans were treated to a new chapter in the story. “All I know is that you should never get into a fight with Taylor Swift,” he said at the time. “She has something like fifty million people who are prepared to die for her. It’s like having an army that’s worse than the one in North Korea. You are not permitted to enter that venue. That was something I was completely unprepared to deal with.”

On the other hand, Taylor has never made a public statement on the subject. However, after Diplo’s recent interview, it’s difficult not to wonder whether we’ll be returning to December, um, November 2014, regularly.

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