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Destiny 2 YouTuber Is Being Sued By Bungie for $7.6 Million

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Bungie is using a Destiny 2 YouTuber for millions of dollars in what can only be described as a bizarre turn of events. Bungie claims that the Destiny 2 YouTuber extensively manipulated the copyright system on YouTube. Because it is so simple for a company or an individual to remove content from a channel or put a strike on a track, YouTube’s copyright system has come under heavy fire over the years for various reasons. The primary reason for this is how easy it is for a company or an individual to do so, even when there is no justification.

It has resulted in several high-profile conflicts with prominent creators and significant companies, but the most recent event represents an entirely new development. At the beginning of this year, users and even Bungie itself posted copyright notices on dozens of films uploaded to YouTube. The statements came from an anonymous source who claimed to be Bungie. This caused the game creator, Bungie, to conduct an inquiry, and there may now be some plausible explanations for this inappropriate activity. Of course, Bungie is not going to copyright strike its movies. Thus, this sparked the investigation.

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A YouTube user identified as Nick Minor, also known as Lord Nazo, is the target of a $7.6 million lawsuit that Bungie filed. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Minor went on a rampage and issued 96 copyright notices against other YouTube creators as retaliation against Bungie after the game developer took down Minor’s channel for illegally reuploading music from the Destiny: The Taken King and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen soundtracks. Bungie took down Minor’s track for illegally reuploading music from the Destiny: The Taken King and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen soundtracks. Because Minor’s YouTube channel has just approximately 3,000 followers, it is difficult to speculate how he would be able to come up with that substantial sum of money if he is required to make a payment. This is a highly bizarre chain of events, and Bungie is hard at work finding a solution to this problem. You’ll see a snippet of their statement from one of their more recent blog posts below.

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Bungie stated they will “spend the time and resources necessary to defend our community from malicious actors.” “We take these problems seriously and will invest the time and resources required,” “In light of this, you should not seek to harass, assault, or pile onto this person in any way. Our ability to rectify the harm that was done to our community, which is our top priority, might be hindered by any direct contact that was not conducted by Bungie’s legal team. We have your back on this matter and will see to it that the individual in question has the kind of future they are entitled to. Although we are grateful for the kind words, we are not seeking your assistance in bringing about the outcome above.”
Bungie is also working to handle licensing requests for archival music uploads.

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This will enable individuals to utilize and accessutiliseveloper’s music more conveniently without fear of being penalised for copyright infringement. The members of the Destiny community who are familiar with Minor have expressed a sense of betrayal as a consequence of this development. Still, it is not yet clear how this situation will play out. You may get further information about it in a story published on Kotaku.


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