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Demi Moore, Marisa Tomei and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Got Toasty at the Chloé Show

Demi Moore, Marisa Tomei and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Got Toasty at the Chloé Show

Despite the fact that the weather outside was cloudy, the temperature inside the hothouse where Gabriela Hearst debuted her Chloé autumn collection was scorching hot. Fortunately, the majority of her VIP visitors were made aware of the situation.

Maria Sharapova looked stunning in a beige trenchcoat with eyelet sleeves, which provided natural ventilation. “It’s one of those transitional compositions that I believe will take me through the winter and into spring.” A glass home with sand followed, and she joked that if she laid down, she could transform into the scene. “I feel like I could morph into the surroundings,” she added.

A year ago, she marked the second anniversary of her retirement from the tennis tour and is now focused on growing her own company, in addition to serving as an advisor and board member for other firms. She has made investments in companies such as Tonal, which is recognized for its at-home gym.

As a former athlete, health and wellness are a category that is very important to me. I’ve learned a lot about what is important for recovery, for prevention for your body, not only today while you’re young and active but also, in the long run, to set yourself up for success in your mind and your body.” “So that’s what every creator, every firm that I talk to is all about,” she said.

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