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California woman jailed for 13 days after being mistaken for the person with the same name, lawsuit says

California woman jailed for 13 days

An unidentified California woman has sued the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department, and airport police, alleging that she was wrongfully arrested and detained for nearly two weeks before authorities realized they had arrested the wrong person, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court.

During a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in April 2021, Bethany Farber was detained by the Transportation Security Administration and informed that she had a warrant for her arrest in Texas, according to the complaint.

Farber is said to have informed TSA authorities that she had never been to Texas and that she was completely innocent of all charges. When Farber continually inquired as to the validity of his claims, “they absolutely ignored me,” he added. “They told me, ‘Nope, Bethany Farber, we’ve got you covered.'”

According to the complaint, police detained her at the airport and transported her to a Los Angeles Police Department station for questioning and booking.

According to reports, authorities have mistaken Farber for a woman with the same name who was wanted in Texas on an outstanding warrant. The Bethany Farber who was apprehended by police is youthful and has long, blonde hair, in contrast to the other Farbers, who are older and have short brown hair.

According to the complaint, the two “had absolutely nothing in common save their names.”

In a statement, Farber’s attorney, Rodney Diggs, said that the Bethany Farber who was intended for arrest already had a criminal record.

“Her fingerprints have been entered into the database,” he said.

According to the federal complaint, officers arrested the incorrect Farber without first verifying her driver’s license, date of birth, or any other identifying information on her person or property.

“The fingerprints, her birthdate, social security number, or even a photograph might have been examined by the LAPD.” None of it was accomplished,” Diggs said.

Farber was imprisoned at the Lynwood Women’s Jail in California for 13 days before she was released on bond. She claimed that her time in prison caused her mental pain due to the fact that she had to stuff warm food inside her hoodie to remain warm and that she saw other convicts fling excrement and smear it all over the walls.

The complaint also claims that the Los Angeles Police Department was aware of Farber’s guilt for three days before she was freed, according to the lawsuit.

According to court documents, Farber’s 90-year-old grandmother had a stress-induced stroke as a result of the encounter. When Farber was freed from prison, she died away soon afterward.

It’s possible that she would have spent more time with her if this issue hadn’t arisen, she believes.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles International Airport Police Department both said that they were unable to comment on ongoing litigation. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office did not respond to a request for comment.

Recently, a Nevada man filed a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan and Henderson police departments, claiming that he was wrongfully held after officers confused him for another guy with a similar name and arrested him.

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