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Biden Announces US Will Expand Military Support In Eastern Europe: Live Ukraine Updates

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Vice President Joe Biden made the statement that the United States will increase its military presence in eastern Europe on Wednesday. As part of this expansion, the United States military would establish a presence in Poland for the first time that would be considered permanent.

Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, began his visit to Spain on Wednesday by announcing the permanent basing of a United States military base in Poland. This statement took place as he was coming for the NATO summit. He also indicated that the United States would keep an extra rotating brigade consisting of 3,000 fighters and 2,000 personnel in Romania. He said that the United States would maintain this brigade.

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With the deployment of soldiers to Poland, the United States will create its first permanent military presence on the eastern boundary of NATO. This presence will be in Poland.
According to the statement released by Vice President Joe Biden, the United States of America would also boost its rotational deployments in the Baltic area, which comprises the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, made the following announcement: “Today I’m announcing that the United States will improve its troop posture in Europe and respond to the changing threat environment as well as reinforce our collective security.” This notification is made as part of our continuous efforts to improve our collective security, and we thank you for your patience as we do so.

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