‘Bachelorette’ Alum Michael Allio Explains the Origins of His Friendship With Amanda Kloots

'Bachelorette' Alum Michael Allio Explains the Origins of His Friendship With Amanda Kloots

Michael Allio discusses his bond with Amanda Kloots. Allio discussed how he and Kloots met and explored the foundations of their friendship on the latest edition of Audacy’s Bachelor Nation podcast, Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation.

“Amanda is from the Akron [Ohio] region, so we’re both from here,” Allio explained. “Her story is heartbreaking as well. COVID claimed her spouse. Elvis, her small child, is her pride and joy. She resides in Los Angeles. I’m still here in Akron.”

When Allio competed on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation got to know him. Allio confessed that he was a widower while on the show, having lost his wife to breast cancer. He and his late wife had a 5-year-old kid named James.

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Kloots’ spouse, Nick Cordero, passed away in July 2020 after a long struggle with COVID-19. Kloots and Cordero have a 2-year-old kid named Elvis.

After sending himself home on The Bachelorette in favor of coming home to his son, Kloots messaged Allio online.

“When I came off the show, she reached out to me, and we started communicating and developing this bond,” he continued. “We shared a lot of similar perspectives on life, both hopeful and respectful of the tragedies we’ve had to endure. Just recently, a wonderful friendship developed.”

Kloots published a photo of herself and Allio eating lunch together in December 2021, which got followers talking. “After a year of being Instagram friends, I finally met this guy in person!!” The image was captioned by Kloots. “There was a lot of fried food, drinks, wonderful conversations, and laughs!”

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“I was like, ‘Let’s go have a drink,'” Allio recounted when she returned to Akron for Christmas. “I got to meet her parents and Elvis Presley. They are an incredible family. I believe she will be a friend for life. She is the earth’s salt.”

His dating life has been more difficult than his friendship with Kloots.

“I believe I’ve developed a trust problem. I’ve never had them before, and for the first time, I’m concerned about who I’m speaking with and why they want to speak with me “Allio clarified. “The whole “for the right reasons” notion goes much beyond the scope of the show. It seems to be leaking into my personal life. I’ve been a little more circumspect than I’ve ever been.”

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Allio claimed it took him “a lot longer than I imagined [it would] to leap back” into the dating world because of his now-guarded personality.

“I’ve had three first dates so far… Everyone has been quite pleasant, but when it becomes all about the show, the chat, and social media, it’s almost as if it’s like, okay, I get that there are questions, and I answer them, but I’m also trying to get to know you “he added. “I love asking questions when I’m dating someone because I’m trying to figure out who they are as a person, not simply what the show is about.”


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