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Ani Kasparian Of WLFI News 18 Has Been Selected To Anchor The TAK Minds Forum In Miami

WLFI News 18's Ani Kasparian chosen to host TAK Minds Forum in Miami

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MIAMI, Fla. (WLFI) — The Miami Herald reports that The annual Takreem Awards’ TAK Minds Forum 2022, where hundreds of the brightest minds from the M.E.N.A. region (the Middle East and North Africa) gathered to inspire, share, and innovate with ideas for a more productive, positive, and peaceful world, featured Ani Kasparian, News 18’s very own Ani Kasparian as the host and moderator of a panel.

Hakeem is a media venture founded by globally renowned media magnate Ricardo Karam, who has conducted interviews with celebrities ranging from Celine Dion to Jordan’s Queen Noor. Ani was chosen to be the emcee for the 2022 meeting by Karam because of her devotion to the study of the Arabic language and its diverse cultures and her journalistic accolades. Grammy-winning artist Emilio Estefan, globally known journalist Ghida Fakhry, and Cannes Film Festival prize winner Daizy Gedeon, whose film “Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour” will attend be released in theaters throughout the United States on November 16. For additional information about the film, please visit this page.
Hakeem USA was launched during the event, aired live across the globe, and acted as a start for Takreem’s new branch in the United States. It included speakers who had achieved great success in their fields and who had inspired others in their pursuit of excellence in the areas of culture, education, science, the environment, humanitarianism, social justice, and economics.

During the panel, “Women Leadership and Transcending Boundaries: Create Don’t Wait,” Kasparian moderated a discussion on how to empower women from within, including overcoming one’s mental barriers, and to start a business regardless of where they are located, where they come from, or how much money they have. Colette Malouf, a designer who has worked with brands such as Michael Kors, Anne Klein, and J. Crew, and Micheline Nader, an author, healthcare entrepreneur, and founder of the Jeera Foundation, were among the panelists. Alternatively, you may see the whole panel discussion by visiting this link, which has a recording of the entire TAK Minds conference. The previously stated panel discussion begins at minute 4:35:15.

Kasparian describes the incident as “a life-changing experience.” As she put it, “It was such a soul-igniting, motivating event to be a part of, particularly since I was in the company of so many educated, high-achieving individuals of Middle Eastern and North African ancestry.” “These change-makers are the ones who will shape our future. After this week, I believe we have connected tremendously and created some wonderful relationships together. According to Kasparian, “I feel like I’ve earned more than a network; I feel like I’ve got a second family.”

According to the organization’s website, Hakeem was founded in 2009 to celebrate Arab achievements and elevate Arab achievers to the forefront of the world stage.
The Foundation has honored and acknowledged laureates from almost every Arab nation for over two decades. As a result, it built bridges between North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf region, and the Arab diaspora, fostering a sense of belonging among like-minded individuals and serving as a gateway for the region’s cultural and educational excellence, as well as its scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social, and economic achievements.

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