Alaya F Admits That She Is “A Little Unsteady” At The Moment While Attempting A Headstand On The Floor

‘A little wobbly still, but I’ll get there’: Alaya F attempts the headstand

Her fitness trainer re-shared the video and said, “Thank you for your support.” “I was reunited with one of my favourite people. After a two-month vacation, Alaya F isn’t doing too shabby.”

Many individuals are hesitant to attempt advanced yoga asanas, and others are even afraid of them. The good news is that practice makes perfect, a phrase that Alaya F herself adheres to wholeheartedly! With her first ‘slightly shaky’ effort at Sirsasana or headstand after a two-month hiatus, the Jawaani Jaaneman actress demonstrated her flexibility, strength, and resolve. She began practicing yoga during the pandemic lockdown and has continued to improve her practice since.

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“Be patient. It will come.” “I’m still a bit unsteady, but I’ll get there,” she stated, tagging her yoga instructor Thea Amin Joshi in the statement.


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