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After Claiming That Men Under 5 Feet 7 In Height “Don’t Have Human Rights” In An Interview, A Professional Gamer Was Fired

Pro Gamer Fired After Saying Men Under 5 ft 7 in 'Don't Have Human Rights

Image Source: Yahoo News

Tanukana, a professional Tekken player from Osaka, has been fired from her esports team, Cyclops Athlete Gaming, for men’s heights during a Livestream. This follows a recent spate of considerably more inflammatory remarks by Tanukana and her teammates.

In first-person shooters like PUBG, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and fighting games like Tekken, Cyclops Athlete Gaming plays against other teams. She has been featured in the mainstream Japanese press, such as this footage from the newspaper Kobe Shimbun, which you can see here. As Ian Walker of Kotaku previously said, she was a rising figure in the industry.

Tanukana said in a webcast on February 15 that “Men who are under 170 cm (5 ft 6.9 in) do not have human rights.” She went on to say that they should consider receiving bone-lengthening surgery. (According to Healthline, the average height for males in Japan is 170.8 cm (5 ft 7.2 in), which is somewhat shorter than the global norm.) As of this writing, Kotaku has not been able to corroborate the whole of the stream’s content. Tanukana, on the other hand, said in this film that persons with A-cup-sized breasts did not have human rights as well. She seems to have a track record of speaking heinous things about other people. Blog, My Video Game News Flash, has discovered previous statements made by Tanukana in a Livestream in 2020, in which she allegedly advised someone on a video to “kill themselves” and that they were “the trashiest trash of society.” Tanukana has denied making the comments.

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