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A Free Online Video Game Costs Parent Alberta Thousands Of Dollars, According To The Media

Free online video game costs Alberta father thousands of dollars

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After being forced to pay thousands of dollars after his daughter became hooked to an online video game, an Alberta parent is warning others about the dangers of internet gaming.
During the Christmas break, Jerry Marion of Okotoks told Global News that his 18-year-old daughter grew addicted to the game Township, accruing about 800 charges over a few months.

Marion said that his daughter was perplexed by the items she was purchasing and the fact that she was spending actual money. He went on to say that he thought the game had a role in her feeling of vulnerability and isolation at the time. According to him, she was suffering from social anxiety at the time. In addition, the particular medicine she was taking to cope with the situation was also being changed.

He also mentioned the sense of belonging they might bring, which is alluring when one feels alone. “Every time you log on, you’re urged to purchase something and share it with your friends,” Keenan said of the online shopping experience. “They’re attempting to enroll you in an online community of individuals to whom you can give and receive presents, and this may become addicting over time.”

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