Is Pupitre masculine or feminine?

Is Pupitre masculine or female?

Thanks a lot! Mochila is female. All the opposite phrases you talked about are masculine. Usually solely issues which have bodily gender (not simply grammatical) have female and male variations, like profesor and profesora.

What’s un Pupitre?

n. command desks. *** ‘un pupitre’ additionally present in translations in English-French dictionary.

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What’s the plural of cartel in Spanish?

carteles [m/pl]

What’s the plural of El boligrafo?

bolígrafoballpoint pen pen
pluralplural pluralistic

What’s the plural of El Reloj?

Meanings of “plural of reloj” in Spanish English Dictionary : 1 consequence(s)

1Frequentrelojes [m/pl]

What’s the plural of un profesor?

B. 3 Gender and Variety of Nouns

el borradorlos borradores
el profesorlos profesores
la paredlas paredes

What’s the plural of Pez?

2 Solutions. 1. “El/un pez” is singular. “Los/unos peces” is plural.

What’s the plural of l. a. computadora?

Computadoras is the plural type of the Spanish phrase “computadora” which implies “laptop” in English. In English, when making a noun right into a plural we typically simply add an s.

What’s La Puerta plural?

plural of puerta. puertas [f/pl]

What’s the plural of Una?

Earlier than masculine plural nouns → use unos. Earlier than female plural nouns → use unas.

How do you say plural in Spanish?

Spanish Plural Noun Kinds

  1. Simply Add -s. Rule: If a singular noun ends in an unstressed vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or the pressured vowels á, é or ó, add -s to the tip of a singular noun to make it plural. Listed below are some examples.
  2. Add -s or -es. Rule: If a singular noun ends in í or ú, you’ll be able to add -s or -es to pluralize the phrase.

What’s the plural of el hombre?

In Spanish, a special particular article is used with singular and plural nouns: el hombre, los hombres; la mujer, las mujeres; el coche, los coches, la casa, las casas.

What’s the plural of el mapa?

plural of mapa. mapas [m/pl]

What’s the plural of El Perro?

canineel perro
pluralel plural

What’s the plural of Gato?

Noun. gato m (plural gatos, female gata, female plural gatas)

What’s the plural of Flor in Spanish?

Frequent. plural of flor. flores [f/pl]

Does Pero imply canine?

Pero (however) is pronounced with a brief R. Perro (canine) is pronounced with an extended rolled R. A rolled R is sort of a tough sound to make for most individuals whose mom tongue doesn’t have this sound.

Is Perro a foul phrase?

“Perro”means Canine, however could be use as an insult or a offensive time period a phrase that’s mentioned to explain somebody in a offensive method, the identical cause and that means you’ll use “perro” / “Canine” in english or spanish this phrase doesn’t change in any respect it’s utilized the identical method or comparable conditions.

How do you say cat in Italian?

Gatto/Gatta = Cat in Italian. I’ve all the time heard it pronounced ‘dee-say’. This pronunciation sounds just like the English cube.

What’s the distinction between I Gatti and Le Gatte?

le gatte means solely feminine cats. i gatti is used when there are a thousand feminine, and one male.

How do you say kitty in German?

we now have added the emblem….Translation by Vocabulix.

kittygemeinsame Kasse

What’s the longest German phrase?


What do cats say in German?


What does Stardenburdenhardenbart imply in English?

Stardenburdenhardenbart is originated from Germany. It has many variations, however this one can imply quite a lot of issues for instance “I really like you” “hey” “take a look at me” “come right here”. It’s used to get the eye of animals. And it really works as a result of it’s humorous and has a very fascinating pronunciation.

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