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It is determined by the variety of sides and the size of every facet that compose that one acre, which is 43,560 sq. ft..

If one acre is a sq. (two-dimensional determine with 4 straight sides, whose 4 inside angles are proper angles and whose 4 sides are of equal size), both sides is 208.7103 linear ft (sq. root of 43,560). The perimeter can be 834.8413 linear ft (208.7103*4).

If one acre was a circle, the circumference (perimeter) can be 739.8588 linear ft.

One other instance can be a rectangle that’s not a sq..

If two parallel sides of the rectangle are 25 LF every, the opposite two parallel sides can be 1742.4 LF every (43560/25). The perimeter of 1 acre is now 3534.8 ft ((1742.4*2)+(25*2)).

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All three examples can be one acre however the perimeter has modified for every.