How do you get the secret to Chocolate Island 2?

How do you get the secret to Chocolate Island 2?

This degree could be accessed by the completion of Choco-Ghost Home. By finishing this degree by the Big Gate, the participant beneficial properties entry to Chocolate Island 3. If the participant reaches the secret exit with the key, they will entry Chocolate Secret, which is positioned beneath the Valley of Bowser.

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How do you get to the flower world in Tremendous Mario Bros 2?

To get to the Flower World, you want to unlock the Warp Cannon in World 3. To do this, go to the first fortress in that world – however you’ll want to be Mini Mario for it to work, You possibly can seize a few Mini Mushrooms in World 3-B.

How do you unlock World 5 in Tremendous Mario Bros?

To entry the Cannon to World 8 in World 5, you’ll have to discover the Secret Purple Flag Exit in the World 5 Haunted Home. In the degree, climb the flight of stairs till you discover a row of three breakable Bricks. Leaping above every of those blocks will reveal three extra Hidden Blocks.

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The place can I get a mini mushroom in Tremendous Mario Bros DS?

Person Data: _Gallade. 2-Fort has a Mini Mushroom availiable shut to the boss. 5-Fort has a Roulette block with a Mini Mushroom after the checkpoint. In any other case, you might use 3-A and Purple Toad Homes to get Mini ‘Shrooms.

How do you unlock the cannon in Tremendous Mario 64 DS?

Query for Tremendous Mario 64 DS

  1. Psyqo answered: To open the cannon exterior, accumulate all 150 stars.
  2. You go to the mirror room as Luigi , then use the energy flower that’s in there and undergo the wario portray on the proper. 0 8.
  3. carlosskiner187@att.web answered:
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  5. Visitor answered:
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The place are all the secret exits in New Tremendous Mario Bros 2?

Secret Exit Information

  • W2-Haunted Home → W2-B. Slightly manner past the second Star Coin you will see two pillars.
  • W3-Tower → W3-Cannon.
  • W3-4 → W3-B.
  • W3-Haunted Home→ W3-Fort (Brief Minimize)
  • W4-Haunted Home → W4-B.
  • W4-Tower → W4-C.
  • W5-1 → W5-Haunted Home.
  • W5-Haunted Home → W5-A.

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