How do you dice raw bacon?

How do you dice raw bacon?

Slice the marginally frozen bacon lengthwise into 1⁄4 inch (0.64 cm) strips. Take away the bacon from the freezer and lay it in your reducing board. There is not any must separate the items of bacon in the event that they’re in a slab or layered throughout one another. Reduce the bacon into lengthy slender strips.

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Can you dice bacon earlier than cooking?

Chop first, then prepare dinner. This fashion you get crispy edges on all six surfaces of the bacon bit, versus solely crisping up the highest and backside. It is the rationale you use bits within the first place – so you get a pleasant crunchy topping.

How do you chop up bacon?

Put the aspect of the the chef’s knife blade in opposition to your knuckles and minimize off a slice of the bacon — go straight by way of the entire stack. Transfer your hand again a bit, line up the knife and minimize one other slice. Proceed till all of the lardons are minimize; purpose for about 1/4-inch strip.

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Can you chop bacon in a meals processor?

All you do is prepare dinner the bacon till it is very crispy. Place the bacon, ideally grease drained, within the meals processor, and pulse it till the bacon is the scale of sea salt. It is that simple!

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