How do you create a blue merle pitbull?

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To begin with you have to have an american pitbull terrier that
carries the merle gene, and there’s no means of figuring out if a pitbull
carries the gene except the merle sample is displayed on it is coat
or you have the blood line file, the reason being as a result of the merle
gene is obtain. If you do not have the blood line file then you
completely want one of many mother and father to be merle and it would not
matter if it is a purple, chocolate, or blue merle and the opposite guardian
must be blue and you will produce blue merles. In fact if you
have a blue merle and a blue you will produce extra blue merles however
if you have a purple or chocolate merle and a blue you is not going to
produce as many blue merles. Sometimes a breeding pair that has one
of the mother and father being merle will produce a mean of about three
merles per litter, that’s what my females have produced out of
breeding with my purple merle male three to 4 merles per litter.
Keep in mind you can’t breed two merles collectively as a result of you will
produce canines with defects.


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