Do Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy ever kiss?

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No, however in a most up-to-date film, Draco comes nearer than an inch
to Hermione’s face when he’s advised to be making an attempt to get Hermione on
Voldemorts facet with him and a couple of others. So, he acts charming and
in a approach, flirts along with her to attempt to seize her and get her to go
with him into the Dying Chamber, the place she will probably be eternally
tortured by Bellitrix Lestange and Voldy himself. And when she
nonetheless does not agree after taking a look at him for some time within the eyes
with a loving glare, he smiles in a most charming approach and begins to
make a transfer on her, and begins to take away him garments, and when
Hermione STILL refuses, he kisses her and later has intercourse along with her
for an extended time frame. However ultimately, Draco appears to be like at Hermione
and wickedly grins and says: “We’re achieved right here.” And silenly cries,
(we discover out ultimately) whispering “I’ve wronged… Hermione.”

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no they by no means do within the films

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